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Corrective chiropractic care is a different tactic to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. When working with a corrective care chiropractor, your Central Nervous System (CNS) and spinal function will be evaluated. This evaluation will not only be for us to pinpoint trauma and pathology but also for us to determine your overall function. Your Central Nervous System can be brought into balance through chiropractic care and corrective exercises, which is important since your CNS is responsible for every cell in your body. It is vital to your overall health that your CNS is functioning at its very best, and we want to help. 

Wellness Through Corrective Care

With time, corrective care will correct any spinal misalignments and stop or slow down the degenerative decay of the spine that occurs naturally as we age. These specific chiropractic adjustments will not only improve nerve function but also help to build a healthy body and strong immune system.

To continue to see the structural change of the spine, Dr. DiNonno may suggest you do some corrective exercises at home. Corrective exercises are special and specific exercises provided for our patients to strengthen the muscles and correct the underlying issue. These exercises can be done in our clinic under supervision; however, they are designed to be done in your home so you can do them daily and improve upon the chiropractic adjustments you are receiving from Dr. Dinonno here at Monmouth Back and Neck Rehabilitation.

Strengthen Your Body Naturally

Here at Monmouth Back and Neck Rehabilitation, we provide corrective care chiropractic to give our patients the ability to start functioning at a higher level. Even if you are not experiencing pain, corrective chiropractic care helps restore the body’s structure from the daily wear and tear of life, injury or other elements that can create misalignments. By maintaining a routine chiropractic adjustment schedule, you will continue to live a more functional life. It’s possible to live free of pain while helping prevent structural breakdown within the body. 

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